Who am I?


I usually go by “The Japanese guy”

I am Tetsuya Jumi Makino, A 20-something, socially awkward Filipino-Japanese medical student from Manila, Philippines.

After finishing my secondary education in Cebu, I graduated with a degree in BS Nursing from the University of Santo Tomas, that I took as a pre-med course. I continued medicine also at UST, and I am currently a clinical clerk (a.k.a. junior intern, 4th year medical student), trying to get by the stress of the hospital work.

Two of my biggest interest in life is music and coffee. People around me know me to be often immersed in music with my headphones on. Coffee has also turned into a huge part of my passion, thanks to my parents who are as obsessed with the drink. Some of my other interests would include photography, graphic design, singing, baking, and DIYs. Oh, I’m also obsessed with dogs. OBSESSED.

Owing to my frequent transfers between Japan, Manila and Cebu growing up, I learned to speak Japanese, English, Filipino, and a decent level of Cebuano.

I am very active on my social media accounts (and I might be launching a facebook page soon, so watch out for that!), so check them out below:

If you wanted to know more about what I am doing here on the blog, head to Into The White Coat Blues.

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