Into the White Coat Blues

So… I did a thing. Get into the white coat blues with me.

Hi, I’m Tetsuya,  a fourth year medical student of University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. Growing up in a Filipino-Japanese household with a very open perspective and hunger for knowledge, I’ve always aspired to expand my interests and skills, which brings me to this blog. Learn more about me here.

Way back when I was in second year college in 2016, I was suggested by a lot of my friends to start a music blog, because I shared so much music (along with my unsolicited reviews) on my social media feeds. I really was interested in doing so at that moment, but something didn’t feel right then. I didn’t want to put out something half-baked, too.

Fast forward to 2017, I still had a lot of brain fart to share to people online, and as I grew older, some of them started to make more sense (or so I hope). Also, my social media following (mainly twitter) slowly started to gain traction, which is not huge as of late, but there have been several tweets that caught a lot of attention. So I thought, maybe take my twitter blabber somewhere productive, somewhere with a definite output.

“White Coat Blues” was the name that suddenly came to my mind as I was brainstorming for the blog title. White coat pertains to the white coat I’ll be wearing granted that I’ll be graduating med school, and throughout the process, I definitely had some (a lot of) melancholy, thus the “blues”. This blog will be mainly focusing on my life as a med student, and the more personal side to it. This is not the “how to survive med school” type of blog, nor this is a travel/lifestyle blog (You all will be concerned for me if you got to see my lifestyle, to be honest). Along the way, I’ll be sharing a lot of my photographs, and a lot of great music (and I plan to make playlist whenever I can to go with the posts!). I make amazing playlists, I swear.

So here I am now, trying to blog. This website has actually been live since December of 2018, and it took this long to launch, because I always felt the need for it to be perfect before I did. But I encountered the phrase “Don’t let perfect get in the way of better”, and that made me decide to launch this site, and I decided to learn blogging as I go.

Disclaimer in advance though, I am no wordsmith and Japanese is my first language. My English might be rough around the edges, so don’t judge too hard, yes? I hope you enjoy the contents! All the photos in this blog is mine, unless otherwise stated. I will be posting as regularly as possible. Should you have a suggestion for a content I should be making, or there are things I should be checking out, feel free to let me know at the Connect page, or through my social media accounts. –  Tetsuya

P.S. A big shout out to my brother Mikio for making this blog come true for me.