17 Little Victories Of A Clinical Clerk

It’s been few months since I graduated med school. I actually kept this one in the drafts since I was a clinical clerk myself. Since then, so much happened in my life, and in the process, I kind of forgot the journey that was clerkship. But being with the clerks, and seeing them work so hard inspired me to finish this one.

Being a clinical clerk is no easy feat, and it is really draining mentally and physically. With no day-offs for the most part of the year, and being restricted to the confines of the hospital means you have to find your happiness in the littlest things around to help you get through the days. So I thought that it’d be fun for me to compile some of them.


Here are 17 things in a clinical clerk’s life that will make any toxic day feel a little better (based on my experience).


1. One shot IV line insertion

Both you and the patient:

2. “Patient care”

The glorious food that our patient and their relatives share with us. Basically a seal of approval for your service.

3. No Q1 VS patients!

Bonus points if no urine bag or JP draining. Let’s get that beauty rest.

4. Residents/consultants remembering your name

Considering the volume of clerks they handle, it never fails to make me feel fuzzy.

5. …or when they call you Doc.

Not that titles matter, but it never hurts to feel “legit” sometimes.


You know, the first thing you ask in the morning. Not anticipating the whole day for an admission call? Nice.

7. When doctors let you suture during a surgery

(Really? You’re trusting me on this one? You sure Doc?)


8. …and you don’t mess it up despite your shaky hands


9. Rotations with a hygiene break

You don’t have to feel conscious about how you smell or how greasy your hair is for the rest of the day. Your seatmate thanks you too.

10. When you get to eat meals on time like a normal human being

Last time you had lunch at 12 noon?

11. The precious half day status on weekends

Then you plan for a productive day only for you to sleep it away. Just me? Okay.

12. …and better yet, skeleton duties

Sorry duty people, teehee.

13. When you’re able to answer questions from the residents/consultants during rounds

And even you’re surprised about it.

In all fairness though, you do know a lot more than you think you do, Doc.

14. When you see the patient you admitted, go home feeling a lot better

A little reminder of why we do the things we do.

15. …and sincerely thanks you for the care you provided

BRB will be crying at the nurses station.

16. Having that one last pending discharge paper signed by your resident

If inserting completed discharge papers into the chart is not euphoria, I don’t know what is.


…and lastly,

17. Being told “Pre-duty ka ba today?” When you are VERY FROM.

Ay hindi ba halata na Q15 ako buong gabi at walang tulog?

*Cries in disbelief*


Do you relate to any of these things? Comment your little clerkship victories down below!

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